Force Manager

The CRM to Supercharge Sales Teams

Seamlessly connect with customers in person or video conference supported by AI.

User Friendly

Designed in collaboration with Apple, Sales Reps can access, upload and consult data on their phone, tablet or PC.

Beautiful & sleek interface

Track anything with ease

Available for iOS, Android and the web

Personalized & integrated

Boost visits & video calls for sales reps

Virtual meetings become as effective as face-to-face meetings thanks to Video Conference support.
 Videos, phone calls and in-person visits sync across your sales activity feed.

Geolocate visits

Automatically log video calls

Voice-to text reporting

Run & measure sales campaigns

Real-time insights

A personalized AI Assistant for each of your Sales Reps

Support your sales team with “Dana” our voice activated assistant. Dana works with Siri to provide contextual information on upcoming meetings and customers.

Voice activated assistant

Integrated with Apple Siri

Automatic reminders & event detection

Smart follow up suggestions

Manage and collaborate with your team from wherever you are

Get a 360° overview of your entire sales process. Never lose track of client interactions, see in real time all the hard work your team is doing regardless of where they are.

Pipeline visibility

Sync your team

Real-time activity updates

Assign sales & activity goals

Easily sign contracts and documents with e-signature

Sales Reps can close deals remotely with just a click of a button. Documents can be easily signed and returned from any device within a few minutes, with insights on every step of the signing process.

Reduce business travel expenses

Sign legally valid contracts

Shorten the sales cycle