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A new managed service that helps you locate, lock and wipe your mobile assets.

Thank you for choosing Business Shield from iStore business. We provide you and your business, the facility to secure your remote devices by deploying a mobile device management profile to each of your devices. This profile allows the administrator to locate, lock and wipe your Apple products when an emergency occurs.

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This ensures full control of all your devices and the ability to locate them, lock or wipe them should there be a security breach, this is all done remotely, through our
business support centre.

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Secure your mobile assets and business information. A new managed service that helps you locate, lock and wipe your mobile assets. Only applicable for businesses with registered VAT numbers.

Locate, Lock and Wipe Features:
Unified dashboard with all mobile assets
Self service or call-in to locate, lock or wipe an Apple business asset.
Take control of your devices and immediatey lock or wipe devices that are stolen, if just lost the we will help you find them.

Includes Free Apple thechnical support:
Free online business chat*
iStore walk in support for 2 years, we have 24 conveniently located stores across the country, booking is essential.

To activate this product, please register at: within 7 days of purchasing.

We have various avenues for requesting service support for our Business Secure products, but the best response times to your request, please utilise our chat facility by browsing to:




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